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Excel How To Get the Last Row and Column Value

By Jeff Lenning | March 28, 2023 |

In this blog post, we are going to learn how to use two Excel functions, TAKE and XLOOKUP, to retrieve data from the very last row of a table. Knowing how to use these two functions can be incredibly handy when you add a new data row every day, week, or month and want your…

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Combine Tables with Different Column Order

By Jeff Lenning | March 21, 2023 |

Combining data from multiple tables in Excel has historically been very manual … especially when the tables have different column orders. In this blog post, we’ll tackle this challenge by getting Excel to combine the tables with a formula that uses the VSTACK and CHOOSECOLS functions. Video Step by step Let’s use a basic example.…

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Excel How To Combine Tables with a Single Formula

By Jeff Lenning | March 14, 2023 |

If you have ever tried to combine data from different tables manually, that is a lot of copy/paste! In this post, I’ll show you how to use Excel’s VSTACK function so you can do it instantly with a single formula. No copy/paste needed!! Video Step by Step Let’s say you have a table in Excel…

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Excel How To Create Banded Rows

By Jeff Lenning | March 7, 2023 |

Creating banded rows in a Microsoft Excel table is a great way to make data easier to read and interpret. Banded rows can also be used to help separate and highlight important information. You don’t need to use VBA, Power Query, or manual formatting – you can do it quickly and easily with just a…

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Woman happily looking at her laptop after learning how to hide rows in Excel based on cell value

Hide Rows in Excel Based on Cell Value (Without VBA)

By Excel University | February 28, 2023 |

Being able to hide rows based on cell value in Excel is a handy skill for anyone who needs to organize a large spreadsheet. Imagine you have a huge list of data, but only some of the rows are relevant to you at the moment. When you hide rows based on cell value, you can…

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Excel Tips from 20 Experts

By Jeff Lenning | February 21, 2023 |

My friend John Michaloudis does an annual survey of Excel MVPs and experts and asks for their best Excel tip. He compiles the tips into an audio podcast along with show notes and related links. This is a great resource and I love sharing it every year. This year, he rounded up tips from: You’ll…

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Woman sitting on couch with a laptop giving a high five sign after learning how to round to the nearest 5 in Excel

Round to the Nearest 5 in Excel Using 3 Different Functions

By Excel University | February 14, 2023 |

Whether you’re working with something like test scores, tracking expenses, or any other type of data, being able to round numbers to the nearest 5 in Excel is a handy skill. This is helpful when you need to round to the nearest multiple (like 5) instead of simply to the nearest whole number.  Here are…

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Stack of coins next to a model house that represents how to make a Basis Points calculator in Excel

How to Create a Simple Basis Points Calculator in Excel

By Excel University | February 7, 2023 |

Microsoft Excel is fantastic since it simplifies the process of creating and managing a portfolio (especially an investment portfolio). Basis Points can be referenced in stock trading, indexing, and interest rates when expressing percentage changes. Having a handy calculator makes them much easier to determine. Building a Basis Points calculator in Excel is probably easier…

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Woman looking through several credit cards while learning how to create an average daily balance calculator in Excel

Create an Average Daily Balance Calculator in Excel

By Excel University | January 31, 2023 |

Whether you’re tracking your personal or business finances, an average daily balance calculator in Excel can help you get a better understanding of your loan payments, and it can also be useful for creating payment projections. The average daily balance method is commonly used to calculate finance charges for credit card balances, as well as…

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Woman looking at her laptop computer reading how to find merged cells in Excel

How to Find Merged Cells in Excel (& What You Can Do Instead)

By Excel University | January 24, 2023 |

You’ve probably come across situations where Excel didn’t allow you to make certain changes to your data because some of the cells you selected were merged. But, it can be tough to find merged cells in Excel because they often look so similar to others.  Working with large datasets makes it even more difficult as…

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