Online Excel Training

Online Excel Training

Our online Excel training experience is designed to teach Microsoft Excel in a fun and interactive way. It teaches the content through on-demand lecture videos, engaging homework activities, and moderated forums so you can ask questions as needed. The training is built with today’s technology in mind and fully utilizes the web to deliver effective Excel training.


Excel University courses were originally designed for accounting and finance professionals. Over time, we’ve come to discover that Excel University appeals to a far wider audience. As such, we have created two training options: Courses and a Campus Pass. While anyone can register for either option, please note that only the Courses are offered for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit.

  • Course Enrollment – If you require CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit, consider enrolling in a Course. CPE credit and the Excel University Graduate and Masters Certifications can be earned by completing the related courses.
  • Campus Pass Subscription – If you do not need CPE credit, consider a Campus Pass. Both Excel University certifications (Graduate and Masters) can be earned by completing the included training programs.

Course Enrollment

Here is a summary of our courses. You can get a full agenda for each course by heading to the course list and clicking the course title link. Excel University is a NASBA CPE sponsor, so you can earn CPE credit for these courses if you need it. We also offer two Excel certifications which can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, resume, or CV.


We generally recommend starting with the undergraduate courses.

  • Volume 1 (Foundations)
  • Volume 2 (Formulas and Functions)
  • Volume 3 (PivotTables)
  • Volume 4 (Workpapers)

Masters courses cover more technical topics. Completing Undergraduate courses is not required to take the Masters courses.

  • Masters 1 (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI, Data Visualization and Design Practices)
  • Masters 2 (Work faster with Macros and VBA)

Completion earns the Excel University Graduate Certification.

Completion earns the Excel University Masters Certification.



We are honored to offer comprehensive guest lectures by Excel experts.

  • VBA Pro – by Jon Acampora
  • Microsoft Power Pivot for Excel – by Rob Collie
  • Power Query for Excel – by Mynda Treacy
  • Dashboard Pro – by Jordan Goldmeier
  • Xtreme PivotTables – by John Michaloudis

Excel University continues supporting our students through the Alumni Association. Membership is optional, and includes many benefits.

  • Resource Library provides ongoing access to course videos/files
  • Archive recordings
  • Additional resources (books, templates, and more)

Campus Pass

Our Campus Pass includes the materials from the four Undergraduate and two Masters courses. The Campus Pass offers the ability to earn the Excel University Graduate Certification and the Excel University Masters Certification.

In addition to the training materials, the Campus Pass includes our Extreme Gamification package. The term Gamification refers to the inclusion of game-like elements such as awards and points to make things more fun (more like a game). The Campus Pass includes so many of these elements, we call it Extreme Gamification. Here are several examples:

  • Billing Discounts – you can unlock billing discounts as you hit key training milestones
  • Story Mode – fictional plot line that connects the training segments
  • XP – earn experience points (xp) for participation
  • Level up – as you earn XP
  • Unlock Achievements – awarded for specific tasks, such as completing Story Mode
  • Earn Badges – awarded for completing training segments
  • Breakout Puzzles – graduate with honors by solving the breakout puzzles


Note: the Campus Pass does not include Guest Lectures or the ability to earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit.

Student Reviews

Courses vs Subscription

The chart below summarizes the key differences between our Course and Subscription options.


Course Enrollment

Campus Pass Subscription

Continuing Education (CPE) Credit

Some students such as CPAs are required to earn CPE credit each year to maintain their license

Guest Lectures

In addition to the core Excel University courses taught by Jeff Lenning, we offer guest lectures from other Excel experts


Alumni Association (optional)

The Alumni Association is a way for students to maintain ongoing access to their course materials (not for CPE)


One-Year Enrollment

Per NASBA, the enrollment period for a CPE course is one year from the date of purchase/enrollment


Monthly Payment

Pay as you go, and cancel at will


Extreme Gamification

Game-like elements to make Excel training more fun (more like a game), including Story Mode, Billing Discounts, Achievements, XP, Breakout puzzles, and more 🙂


Office Hours

Live Q and A sessions with Jeff


Student Union

A place for students to network, support each other, and share what they have learned


Excel University Graduate Certification

Certification to add to your LinkedIn profile and resume/cv upon completion of the undergraduate curriculum


Excel University Masters Certification

Certification to add to your LinkedIn profile and resume/cv upon completion of the masters curriculum


Discussion Forums

Ask course-related questions and receive answers


Quizzes with Feedback

Quizzes are provided to reinforce the topics covered in each lesson


Final Exam

A passing score is 70 percent, and you have unlimited re-attempts


Certificate of Completion

Download with a passing score the the final exam


Lecture Videos

Lecture videos teach the topics and are captioned in English; pause and rewind as desired


Excel Homework Exercises

Download the Excel files and complete the hands-on practice exercises; these are not turned in or graded


Solutions Videos

Provide a walk-through of all exercises, including the extra credit exercises


Begin Training Immediately

Checkout with credit card or PayPal to gain immediate access to materials


What will I learn?


Mainly, you’ll learn to get your job done faster. You’ll discover that Excel isn’t a fast calculator, it is a platform that can be used to automate virtually any data-driven recurring task.

Here’s a quick example.

One of our training clients is a CPA firm that prepares an Excel financial reporting package each month for selected clients. Each package used to take 40 hours per month to prepare. After applying the features, functions, and techniques presented, the process now takes 4 hours per month.

Improving your productivity is the goal of Excel University. When you use Excel to get your mechanical tasks done faster, you’ll have time for more important tasks such as client service, analyses, and business development.

To view the actual Excel features and functions covered in each course, please view the course details page available on our course list.

Why train at Excel University?

When you are looking for Excel training, you are probably interested in these four things:

  • Content
  • Course Format
  • Materials and Handouts
  • Author/Instructor


The content of the Excel course must be relevant and practical so that you can get your work done more quickly. Your training investment of both time and money pays off if you can apply the Excel items discussed.

The content included in Excel University is designed specifically for accountants. If you are an accounting or finance professional, the Excel features and functions covered are relevant and can be applied to your work and your workbooks.

Course Format

When evaluating course formats, which range from static PDF files to YouTube videos, you want to pick an effective format that will be a good fit for your learning style.

The Excel University format provides a powerful way to learn Excel. Here’s why:

  • Content Delivery: The course content is delivered both through lecture videos and written text. While the lecture videos make the content easy to absorb, the text provides comprehensive details in an easy-to-read format.
  • Hands-on homework: After you have watched the lecture videos, it is time for your hands-on homework. The homework activities enable you to practice the skills presented, and include Excel exercise files, polling questions, formula challenges, blog articles, and forum posts. Answers to all exercises are provided in the solutions videos and the downloadable Excel workbooks.
  • Interactive: The course is interactive, meaning, you are always able to reach out for help. Head over to the instructor-moderated discussion forums and view previous questions or post your own question.
  • Self-paced: The course is on-demand so you work at your own pace and according to your schedule.

Materials and Handouts

Another important consideration is the quality of the course materials. Excel University includes HD lecture videos, copy-edited manuscript, exercises designed to teach hands-on, solutions videos, and more. The manuscripts available in the online courses are the same as the published versions available on Amazon, which have gone through a rigorous publishing process.

You have full access to all course materials during your enrollment period. If you would like to have a permanent printed reference, you can optionally purchase the published, bound copy of the textbook through Amazon. Doing so would provide a tangible resource that includes everything covered during the training session. Free access to the Resource Library is provided when you join the Alumni Association.


For training to be effective, you want an author that has relevant background experience so that practical Excel features are included, and you want an instructor who can clearly articulate Excel ideas and concepts.

Excel University is designed and presented by award winning instructor Jeff Lenning CPA, and you can read more about him below.

Excel University Overview Video

Here is a short overview of Excel University.


Available Courses

Excel University courses focus 100% on Excel, it is all we teach. So, we provide depth that is unmatched. We offer a wide range of courses, including courses from Excel experts, top-rated guest instructors, and Microsoft MVPs.

Here are the links to the courses:

You can also earn an Excel certification and continuing professional education CPE credit through our courses.

Who is the author and instructor?

Jeff Lenning, CPA and Microsoft Certified Trainer is the author/instructor of the core Excel University courses. We also offer courses by other Excel experts … check out our instructors page for a complete list.

Jeff recently received the Award for Instructor Excellence from the California Society of CPAs, and has trained thousands of accountants on Excel over the past decade.

He has provided training for numerous Fortune 500 companies and continuing education for many state CPA societies as well as the AICPA, and is a Microsoft Certified Excel Expert.

Jeff holds the following certifications:

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Certified IT Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Excel Expert
Jeff Lenning

He has contributed 40+ articles to trade publications such as the Journal of Accountancy and California CPA Magazine.

Recent Articles

Excel and Access by Jeff Lenningcalliope-coverTBRG_2010_Covertbrgcover201205jofaapr2000_large


“The Excel University format allows me to teach with more precision than any other delivery method I’ve used over the past decade, including group live sessions and webcasts. It provides the control I need to deliver the content in exactly the right way. To me, it is the most effective format for teaching Excel.”
– Jeff Lenning

Can I try before I buy?


We’ve created a free evaluation course so you can check out the materials, video quality, presentation style, homework, and content.


Guarantees and Refunds

We are sure that our Excel training will help you work more quickly, that the content will be relevant, and that you will love the format. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. It is a 100% refund, no questions asked.



CPE Continuing Education Credit

Our Courses are offered for CPE credit. A certificate of completion is awarded when you pass the final exam.

The exam is immediately graded when you click submit and the certificate is available for download instantly.

Excel University qualifies under NASBA’s QAS Self-Study delivery method. Our NASBA sponsor number is 124370.


If you are not a CPA or do not need Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit, you still benefit! Here’s why. CPE providers are bound by the quality and educational standards of NASBA (National Association of the State Boards of Accountancy). Since Excel University is a NASBA-approved CPE sponsor, our CPE courses meet these rigorous quality standards. That means all students benefit and receive a high-quality training experience.

Note: the Campus Pass subscription is not offered for CPE credit. 

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no formal prerequisites, but the course assumes you know the basics, such as how to open and save workbooks. Excel University isn’t designed to provide an introduction to Excel, rather, it is designed for people who know the basics looking to become proficient.

We recommend most students start with the first Undergraduate course (Volume 1) and work through the volumes in order since the content builds progressively. However, if you are already familiar with the Undergrad topics, you are free to jump straight into the Masters courses.

How long do I have to complete the training?

Course: If you enroll in a Course, you have one year from the date of purchase to access the online materials and complete the course. This timeline is established by NASBA, and as a CPE sponsor Excel University is bound by this term. You have full access to the online course materials during the entire enrollment period, even after you complete the exam and receive your certificate of completion.

For students looking for an ongoing reference, the bound textbooks are available from Amazon and the Resource Library is available free when you join the Excel University Alumni Association

Subscription: If you have a Campus Pass subscription, you can work through the program at your own pace and cancel at will. The system will bill the payment method on file automatically each month until you cancel. It is easy to cancel by using the Manage Subscription link found in the Administration area once you are logged into our virtual campus. Once you cancel, access to the materials will be removed on the expiration date of your subscription.

Excel University ROI by Jeff Lenning

What is the fee?

Courses start at $87 and the Campus Pass starts at $39 per month. The fees includes everything you need, including online access to the book chapters, lecture videos, homework activities, and solutions videos.

Your training investment of both time and fees pays handsome efficiency dividends each month as many of your manual tasks are delegated to Excel. Excel University offers an attractive ROI.

Note: optional bound textbooks are available from Amazon (not required to complete the online course)

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Excel University was recognized as one of the Top 10 Courses for CPE Credit! Check out the full Top 10 list by Canopy.

Check out the short Student Interviews video to hear directly from Excel University students.

Join the 75,000+ students who have experienced the Excel University curriculum in its various delivery formats. We’ve put together some evaluation quotes and stats from the sessions to give you a sense of the student experience.

  • “I thought every part of it was awesome and very interesting. It really let me know what an amazing tool Excel is.”
  • “I know it will really help me to set up some efficient record keeping workbooks that I can maintain in an accurate and timely manner. Thanks!”
  • “Thanks Jeff for a great course!!”
  • “Great principles explained very well! Thanks!”
  • “Thanks for the great course! My favorite items would be data validation, subtotal function, and worksheet/workbook organization.”
  • “I learned so much from this class and am excited to take Volume 2!”
  • Fun course…..thanks Jeff!”
  • “It really was one of the best in format I’ve done… I wish all were as well done as that one was!
  • “This course is well organized, user focused, and interactive. I would recommend it to anyone who creates worksheets in Excel or works in Excel frequently.”
  • “The class is highly recommended to Finance and Accounting personnel. The webinars are short, and very informative. The quiz allows you to absorb the materials better. The book is very helpful as well.”
  • Well designed. Broken down to smaller sections, it’s easy to follow and practice the newly learnt tips during the homework section.”
  • Clean & clear demonstration. Jeff really nailed this one. It’s very easy to follow and he also made it interactive in the forum section.”
  • Good combination of videos/book/homework/blog. Videos are easier to follow, book makes it easier to refer later, homework reinforces and blog appeals to those working better with words than videos.”
  • “This course is excellent. Excellent. Excellent. I really like the combination of different media (videos/books/blogs/forum). I also like the smaller sections so you can learn one function at a time. You really understand how we learn and help us get there.”
  • “The strength of this course is the instructor himself. He is an accountant who happens to be an MS Excel expert. He understands what accountants need from the program and what the program can do for accountants…to improve productivity and efficiency.”
  • “It’s a GREAT course and it’s organized in a format leagues above the usual online learning styles.”

By the Numbers


of student polls report that content is both relevant and new


out of 5 is average “instructor knowledge of subject” evaluation score


would recommend this course to a friend

Student Countries

Students from all 50 US states and more than 100 countries have enrolled into Excel University. Here’s a cool map that highlights our student countries.




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