Online Group Excel Training

Excel Training for Groups

If you are coordinating Excel training for a group, we are happy to help! We offer group-enrollment discounts, plus have a few ideas on how to maximize the experience with an in-house facilitator. So, this pages provides details about:

  • Group discount for on-demand training
  • In-house facilitator

Group discount for on-demand training

If you would like to enroll your team, we offer group-enrollment discounts. Depending on the size of your group, the store will automatically apply a 20% – 50% discount during checkout. In summary:

  • For groups of 2 to 19, the store provides a 20% discount
  • For groups of 20 or more, the store provides a 50% discount

Our training has two main tracks: Undergraduate and Masters. Undergraduate courses cover classic Excel topics such as VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, INDEX/MATCH, PivotTables, conditional formatting, and more. Masters courses cover more technical topics, such as Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI, and VBA/Macros. More info here:

In-house facilitator

If you would like a more structured way to train your group, we recommend using an in-house facilitator. The idea is that you designate one of your team members to be the onsite facilitator. The facilitator would book space in your conference or training room for periodic meetings (eg, first Friday of the month). Between meetings, students work individually through the assigned lessons at their own pace, watching the videos and completing the homework. In the group meetings, students would discuss how and where to apply what they learned to specific workbooks in your organization.

For example, a group discussion after the VLOOKUP lesson could lead students to decide that a specific workbook could benefit from VLOOKUP. They would all be on the same page about why it was implemented and how to maintain the workbook going forward. This builds excitement and ownership about the specific functions used. Students all understand the function and how to make updates going forward.

This blended format enables students to learn at their own pace but also participate in live discussions. This keeps students moving through the lessons together, and allows them to discuss ways to apply the topics to specific workbooks. This is a very powerful approach to Excel training.


If you’d like to evaluate the production quality, content, homework, and overall training experience, please enroll into one of our free evaluation courses. Click the Course List button below to view them and sign up.