Online Group Excel Training

Excel Training for Groups

If you are coordinating Excel training for a group, we have a few different options.

  • Group discount for public on-demand sessions
  • BYOT Bring Your Own Trainer program
  • Private session for your group

Group Discount for On-Demand Session

If you would like to enroll your group into a public session, we offer group discounts. With this option, your group is part of the standard session, and works through the content on-demand at their own pace. For large groups, custom pricing, or subscriptions, please contact us.

BYOT Bring Your Own Trainer program

If you would like a more structured way to train your group, the Bring Your Own Trainer program may be a nice fit. In this program, you designate one of your team members to be the onsite trainer. The onsite trainer would book space in your conference or training room for the sessions, take attendance, and act as a facilitator. As a group, participants would watch the videos and work through the hands-on exercises and homework activities. The onsite trainer would help participants and provide local support as needed. This blended format is a powerful way to learn Excel since participants have the benefit of an onsite training facilitator helping as needed.

Private Session

We can also set up a private session so that only your group is in the room. With a private session, we configure the room to behave like the on-demand sessions, such that a passing score on the quiz unlocks the next weekly section. Alternatively, we can configure it so that your entire group works through at the same rate, and the weekly sections are unlocked each Monday rather than as individuals pass the quiz. This enables you to send group emails, hold in-person discussions, post announcements, and otherwise control the pace.

Each private session comes with one free moderator login, so that someone from your team can answer questions, moderate the forum posts, post group announcements, and send group emails. Additionally, a private session comes bundled with a paperback copy of the book for each participant, shipped to your location.

Please contact us to discuss options, logistics, or pricing.


If you’d like to evaluate the production quality, content, homework, and overall training experience, please enroll into one of our free evaluation courses. Click the Course List button below to view them and sign up.