I've put together a collection of testimonials. The short video below contains clips from various Excel University student interviews. Below the video is a collection of quotes from evaluations and emails I've received over the past few years.

Anonymous Student Evaluations

Praise for Jeff Lenning's Excel University Seminars

"You are an Excel rockstar!"

"The most relevant CPE I've ever had!"

"I've always thought I was pretty advanced in Excel, until today, where quite a few items I learned were eye openers."

"This was the best seminar I have attended in 10 years. Based on my observations, every attendee got ideas to make them more efficient or effective. Personally, I recovered the costs of this seminar in reduced future project time requirements within the first 15 minutes. This course will repay itself for me 20-fold in the first year. Great job."

"One of the best CPE courses I have ever taken. Instructor was excellent and the materials were thorough!"

"This was the best CPE course I've attended in years. Mr. Lenning, the instructor, was outstanding and the material is dead on for my work."

"Just spent the day in your Excel Class. Best accounting/technology class I have taken in the last 5 years. Great presentation, great information, great guy."

"This was the best Excel class that I have ever had. My husband designs training and he would give this course two thumbs up!"

"Jeff was by far the best Excel speaker that I have heard. Jeff was full of great tips and made them easy to understand and follow. He also made it interesting and kept our attention."

"Jeff was the best speaker that I ever had for any type of class. He spoke in layman's terms but was never condescending. I was excited about all the info that I got from the class and the ability to download all the presentation material slides so I can really understand & apply to my specific projects."

"That was honestly one of the best CPE classes I have taken. The information and the instructors skills, knowledge and presentation were all far above expectations."

"It was one of the best seminars I've ever been to, both in terms of the speaker as well as the content. He walked us through plenty of functions, each time giving examples of how it might be practlcaJly applied."

"Great job! I have taken multiple excel courses, and this one was by far the best. I know I will retain the material taught in class. He is a great speaker and kept my attention the whole day. Please have Jeff Lenning back for the next level of this course."

"This is the best seminar I have ever attended."

"I attended your Tools of the Trade course and believe you have changed my life."

"Great speaker; one of the best on this type of subject."

"These are the highest ratings that I have given in years."

"One of the best Excel classes I have ever taken. Jeff did a great job!"

"One of the best excel courses I have attended! LOTS of practical tips provided today!"

"Best Excel class I've attended!"

"This has been one of the best CPE courses I have ever had."

"I am so excited to use all of the new tools Jeff has taught. Reports that have taken me days to update will now be complete in a matter of minutes. More time for analysis! Thank you Jeff!"

"Great information & very useful. Excellent :)"

"This course is fantastic and should be compulsory for anyone in marketing, finance, operations, engineering and accounting. Thank you so much! Subtotals alone was worth coming!"

"After attending your course, my employee pulled a training manual from his shelf that was over an inch thick and told me he just eliminated 1/3 of it as the steps were now automated. It’s so fun to see what smart people do when we give them new tools."