About Us

My name is Jeff and I'm glad you are here! I'd like to provide a quick preview of Excel University.

Excel University Preview

Let's start with our goal (mission).

Our Goal

Our goal is to help people learn how to use Microsoft Excel to get their work done faster.


Why is that our goal? 

Because we are all too busy. Too stressed. We have more work than time. Excel is the solution. It can help us get our work done faster ... often by a full unit-of-measure:

  • 1 week > 1 day
  • 1 day > 1 hour
  • 1 hour > 1 minute

That is what happened to me: a 2 week process became a 2 day process when I figured out how to apply the power of Excel.


How do we accomplish our goal?

We need to equip you with 2 things:

  • Process
  • Skills

Let's take them one at a time.

Speed Loop Process

The idea of a "process" just means that apart from Excel skills, we need to have a systematic way to optimize our workbooks for efficiency and accuracy.

I've formalized the process I used to get the monthly 2 week project down to 2 days. I call it the Excel Speed Loop. I think about it like this:


The Speed Loop provides an organized system for approaching your workbooks to get them done faster.

Excel Skills

Since Excel is used by millions of people to do many different things, the exact skills we all need vary based on the type of work we do. But, there are common skills that help many Excel users.

If we think about our Excel journey, we can visualize it as an arrow with various Excel skills we've learned along the path. For example:


There is no universal order in which people learn Excel skills. Some may learn VLOOKUP before PivotTables. Some will learn PivotTables before SUMIFS. And so on. But in general, as you increase your Excel knowledge by learning more skills, you gain the ability to transition from doing things manually to doing things the automated way.

In terms of our courses, we do teach skills in a very specific and intentional order. We actually spent a lot of time planning out the ideal order. It looks something like this:


We have tons of resources to help you accumulate new Excel skills. Most are free and some are paid.

Free Resources

The free resources include our passport, learning plan, blog posts, videos, articles, and webinars. In general, these resources are created as isolated, independent, stand-alone topics. Over the years, they've been released in a random order. These are great if you want to dig into individual skills.

Paid Training

The paid resources are our courses and monthly campus pass. The topics are introduced in a very intentional order. We believe the specific topic sequence is the optimal order to learn Excel skills.

Why do I do this?

Why do I do all of this? Simple ... I love Excel and enjoy helping others use it more effectively.

If you'e like to read more about my background, check out my profile here:

If you'd like to read more about how Excel University was started, check out our origin story here:

I hope you are able to learn a lot here at Excel University. I also hope that the things you learn will help you get your work done faster!

Please contact me anytime I can help ... thanks!