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Take an Excel Highlights Tour and record your progress on your passport.

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Learning Excel is a bit like taking a tour and visiting various places. To take our free Excel Highlights tour, download, print, and fold the Passport into a little booklet.

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We offer a free course for new Excel users. No registration or login needed!


We've put together a free on-demand video course designed for new Excel users. Download the Excel files to work along!

Speed Loop

This webinar will help you optimize workbooks for efficiency and accuracy. 


In this webinar, learn the 7 steps of the Speed Loop process. It will help you systematically improve your workbooks.

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Based on your current Excel experience, we'll provide suggested topics and include links to related resources.

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We are honored that our site is recognized as one of the top 10 Excel blogs.


With hundreds of posts covering numerous Excel topics, there is plenty to learn. Many posts include sample files and video.

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Our Excel articles have been published in various magazines.

Excel Articles

Jeff Lenning's articles have been featured in numerous magazines. We've included them all in a single list for easy access.

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