VLOOKUP is perhaps the most iconic function in Excel and users have come to adore it.

As great as VLOOKUP is, it has several limitations. For example, column order matters. It was designed to look for a matching value in the first (left-most) column within the lookup range. Once found, it scans to the right (not left) to retrieve the related value. Also, it is one of the few functions that can break when we insert a new worksheet column. Despite these limitations, Excel users love VLOOKUP.

But friends, it is time to, like Frozen’s Elsa, “let it go.” You see, Microsoft has addressed these limitations in the next gen lookup function, XLOOKUP.

Check out my recent CalCPA Article if you’d like to learn more:

Welcome X Functions – XLOOKUP

If you’d like to learn more, I teach a free 20 minute webinar on XLOOKUP:

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