Gamification 4: Billing Discounts and More

This is the fourth and final post in the Gamification + Excel Training series where we are talking about how gamification can help make learning Excel fun (more like a game). In this post, we’ll talk about billing discounts and highlight the many other elements used in our training pass.

Our Campus Pass subscription uses many gaming elements (Extreme Gamification). We already covered Story Mode, Breakout Puzzles, and Challenges. So now let’s talk about Billing Discounts and more.

Billing Discounts

My goal is to help students achieve their goal of learning how to use Excel to work faster. For students to achieve their goal, they need to study the lessons. To achieve my goal, I need to encourage and motivate students to study the lessons.

So, I figured one strong incentive I could offer is Billing Discounts.

When a student achieves a key training milestone, a Claim Billing Discount link will unlock. The student clicks the link and a permanent billing discount is applied to their account.

In all, the student can permanently cut the monthly subscription rate in half. That is extreme gamification my friend 🙂


There are many other gamification elements used in the Campus Pass, including achievements, badges, xp, and leveling up.


Just like modern video games, achievements are unlocked for completing specific tasks. Here are some of the achievements you can unlock:

The cool thing about the achievements is that they are displayed next to your name in the student union discussion forums so that others can see your status.

XP and Level Up!

In modern video games, experience points (XP) are earned for playing. Here, they are earned for participating. Earning XP helps you level up.

You can see your current level when you visit the student union on campus (our virtual campus).


You’ll earn badges by completing the training lessons. For example, if you complete all of the breakout puzzles you’ll “graduate with honors” and earn this badge:

You earn many badges during your training.

Certifications for LinkedIn/Resume/CV

You can also earn the Excel University Graduate Certification:

As well as the Excel University Masters Certification:

You can include these on your LinkedIn or resume/cv. Plus, when you do, I’ll write a LinkedIn recommendation for you so others will see how well you know Excel.

More Info

There are so many gamification elements used in our Campus Pass, we are sure that it is the most fun you can have while learning Excel 🙂

For more information about our Campus Pass (pay-as-you-go subscription), check out the link below:

To watch a replay of the Gamification webinar:

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