Excel University – Now Available on iTunes

Guys, I just wanted to share the good news.  Excel University is now available in Apple’s iTunes iBookStore!

So far, Excel University Volume 1 Featuring Excel 2010 for Windows is online.  Over the next week or two, Excel University Volume 1 Featuring Excel 2013 for Windows should be available.  And, beginning with Excel University Volume 2, we are planning for a concurrent launch, making both the paperback and digital versions available.

This week was a terrific week by the way, check out our task list:

  • Get Excel U V1 launched in iTunes: check.
  • Get the Excel U V2 solutions videos done and posted into the Video Library: check.
  • Post the Excel U V2 practice files into the Download Library: check.
  • Get the final manuscript for Excel U V2 to the publisher for interior design: check.

The publisher is doing the interior design process now for V2, and they indicated that the physical proof should be here by mid July, making a July launch possible.  If not July, August will be the launch date.

Speaking of V2, the interactive version should be available over the next few months, as we are working at reducing the time between the launch of each volume and the date that the content is available in the LMS.  The LMS is the learning management system we use to deliver the interactive version.  This virtual campus teaches the content of the books through video.

I just wanted to provide a quick status update on all that has been going on around here the past week or so.  And remember, Excel rules!




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