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Sorting a PIVOTBY Report

By Jeff Lenning | February 13, 2024 |

Hello Excel enthusiasts! Today, I’m answering a question I was recently asked: how to sort a pivot-style formula-based report in descending order by amount. The whole process is easier than it sounds, and I’ll demonstrate the steps through a series of exercises. Don’t worry, if you aren’t sure what a “pivot-style formula-based” report is, I’ll…

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PIVOTBY A Dynamic PivotTable Alternative

By Jeff Lenning | January 16, 2024 |

Excel’s PIVOTBY function allows you to create dynamic summary reports that look very much like PivotTables. However, they are totally dynamic … no need to click Refresh. They are created with a single formula, but do not have the rich features and capabilities of PivotTables. Depending on your workbook, the PIVOTBY function may be a…

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