Excel University Volume 2 Course

It is with great excitement we announce the immediate availability of Excel University On-Demand, the online Excel training course that teaches the content of Excel University Volume 2 through videos, homework activities, quizzes, forums, and blogs, in a fun, self-paced and social way.


Excel University Volume 2 continues exploring the Excel features, functions and techniques relevant to accounting and finance professionals. The focus of Volume 2 is hands-free reporting workbooks. The task of reporting is common, and when the correct Excel functions are used, the process can be dramatically improved.


I’ve included the agenda for the first week below, just so you can get an idea of what’s included.


Homework Activities

This course introduces a fun new homework activity called formula challenges. These are super fun, and they ask you to write a formula that solves a specific problem, typically pushing you just a bit past the course content. Once you have your formula figured out, you paste it into the forum. It is a great way to stretch yourself and show-off your Excel skills! The formula challenges are in addition to the traditional homework activities including homework exercises, polls, forums, and blog posts.

Instructor Participation

The course is supervised by instructors, and you can ask questions in the forums. These forums are moderated, and your questions will be answered. We don’t just throw you in there to work on your own. You have the instructors to help out when you get stuck on the homework exercises.


The format has been updated as well. The course is designed around an eight-week agenda, however, the weekly content is actually unlocked when you pass each quiz. Meaning, you can truly work along at your own pace, either faster or slower than the eight-week agenda. This format is called “on-demand” in order to distinguish it from the “scheduled” format that unlocks content on each Monday of the course.

Mini-Courses: Chapter Courses

Also, we are working on building topic lessons, or chapter courses, that teach a single Excel item from one chapter of the course. We are rolling these chapter mini-courses out as quickly as possible. They are a great way to focus on a single item, such as the VLOOKUP function, and get familiar with Excel University courses.

Enrollment Process

We have dramatically improved the enrollment process as well, so, it is easier to register than before. Thanks goes to the kind folks at Course Merchant for their assistance in streamlining this process!


Begin Now

Save TimeBegin training immediately after purchase


ModeratedForums are moderated by instructors and questions are answered


CertificateDownload and print your certificate instantly upon completion

Pause and Resume

Pause and ResumePause and resume training as needed

Unlimited Exam Attempts

Unlimited Exam AttemptsRe-attempt exams as necessary

More Information

To view a more detailed agenda, and to obtain more information, please visit the course details from our course list using the link below:

Excel University Volume 2 Course

Or, if you are ready to add it to your cart, use the button below to get started with the enrollment process:

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