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Child sitting in front of a computer screen learning how to count text in Excel

Count Text in Excel – Characters, Words, & Cells With Text

By Excel University | September 26, 2023 |

Need to know the word count of a spreadsheet you’re working on, or maybe the number of cells that contain text? Even though there’s no built-in counting tool, you can still count text in Excel using a few simple formulas! Count the Number of Characters in a Cell or Range Using the LEN function is…

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Man at computer learning how to remove leading spaces in Excel

How to Remove Leading Spaces in Excel

By Excel University | January 17, 2023 |

Any work you do in Excel is built around data. The cleaner the data is, the easier worksheets are to read and maintain – and correct formatting plays a big role. Being able to remove leading spaces in Excel helps make your data look clean and keeps your formulas operating as expected. Extra leading spaces…

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Find the Last Occurrence of a Delimiter to Retrieve the Lowest Sub Account from Quickbooks in Excel

By Jeff Lenning | December 19, 2013 |

In this post, we’ll explore a formula-based approach that does not use VBA to find the last occurrence of a delimiter and use it to retrieve the lowest sub account from a Quickbooks account list in Excel. When I was doing some research for a project I had a couple of years ago, I was…

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