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Paste Special

man looking at a computer while learning How to Merge Excel Files without using VBA

How to Merge Excel Files (Without Using VBA)

By Excel University | October 11, 2022 |

You might be surprised how much time is lost flipping between Excel workbooks trying to find information – especially if you have a lot to sort through. Learning how to merge Excel files will make finding information easier, faster, and more user-friendly (especially if you’re sharing workbooks). While you can use VBA to combine files,…

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Paste Special Add

By Jeff Lenning | April 13, 2021 |

In addition to the standard Copy and Paste commands, Excel offers a variety of options for pasting values and formulas. In this post, I’ll chat about one of those options … Paste Special Add. It works with values AND formulas. Let’s dig in. Overview Before we get into the details, let’s zoom out for a…

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