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Round to Nearest Multiple (Up or Down or Both)

By Jeff Lenning | December 19, 2023 |

Welcome to our blog post on rounding to the nearest multiple in Excel. In this tutorial, we will explore three different functions that can assist you in rounding numbers up or down to the nearest multiple: FLOOR, CEILING, and MROUND. Whether you need to calculate the number of product bundles or adjust sales targets, these…

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Woman sitting on couch with a laptop giving a high five sign after learning how to round to the nearest 5 in Excel

Round to the Nearest 5 in Excel Using 3 Different Functions

By Excel University | February 14, 2023 |

Whether you’re working with something like test scores, tracking expenses, or any other type of data, being able to round numbers to the nearest 5 in Excel is a handy skill. This is helpful when you need to round to the nearest multiple (like 5) instead of simply to the nearest whole number.  Here are…

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