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flatten data

Flatten data by Jeff Lenning

Get & Transform: An Alternative to Manually Flattening Data

By Jeff Lenning | June 29, 2016 |

Since many of Excel’s features are designed to work with data stored in a flat, tabular format, we sometimes need to flatten data that is received in other formats. In a previous post, we discussed a manual way to flatten data. In this post, we’ll use a Get & Transform Query as an alternative to…

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How to Flatten, Repeat, and Fill Labels Down in Excel

By Jeff Lenning | July 25, 2013 | Comments Off on How to Flatten, Repeat, and Fill Labels Down in Excel

In this post, we’ll cover a handy technique for manually filling data labels down through an Excel range. This can also be referred to as repeating the labels, or, as flattening the data. Let’s get into it. Note: An alternative would be to use a Get & Transform query, as discussed in this post. Flattening…

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