Excel University Preview

Excel University Preview

In a single sentence, Excel University is designed to teach accountants how to use Excel to get their work done faster.

Here is a short preview video of the Excel University series.

Series Overview

The Excel University series is delivered in four volumes, as follows:

  • Volume 1 covers the foundations (9 CPE)
  • Volume 2 covers formula-based reports (11 CPE)
  • Volume 3 covers PivotTable reports (15 CPE)
  • Volume 4 covers internal-use workpapers (20 CPE)


The online courses are delivered with on-demand lecture videos, so you can work at your own pace, as fast or a slow as you’d like. With a passing score on the final exam, you instantly download the certificate of completion for each volume as each is completed.

To enroll, just head to the Course List to enroll into courses individually or with discounted bundles. You can add courses to your cart, or, click the course link to view the full agenda including the duration for all videos and other details.

View Course List

To get more information about Excel University training in general, check out the link below.

General information about Excel University training

You can also enroll into a free evaluation course if you’d like to check out the platform, videos, homework, quizzes, and so on. Just visit the course list to add the evaluation course to your cart.

If you decide to enroll, I hope that you enjoy it, but more importantly, I hope that Excel University is able to help you get your work done faster!