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Trying to learn Excel with web search leaves you with a random collection of conflicting tips and tricks. You can learn Excel faster with our online lessons which are organized in a specific progression. Lessons are available in our Courses and with a Campus Pass.



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Includes all Undergrad and Masters Lessons

A Campus Pass provides access to our entire catalog of undergraduate and masters lessons. It includes live Office Hours with Q&A and full access to the Student Union. Extreme gamification ensures this is the most fun you can have learning Excel.


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Offered for Continuing Education Credit (CPE)

Courses provide an online, on-demand, interactive training experience. Watch the lecture videos, complete the hands-on exercises, pass the exam, and earn certifications. Excel University is a NASBA CPE sponsor and our courses are offered for CPE credit.




Lori Kline

Market Analyst at General Motors

Although this course is geared towards accountants, and I'm not one, I still learned a lot! And the games are tremendously fun!


Melissa Clay

Process Improvement Analyst at ACIG

Jeff's teaching style builds on each concept, which allows less advanced users to follow, yet he moves quickly enough that experienced users don't get bored, and Jeff formalized the way I have worked for 15 years--make time to make small changes often and eventually you will pat yourself on the back when a report that took you 6 hours now takes 30 minutes.


Michelle Goembel

Director at Institute of Internal Auditors

Although this program is geared towards CPAs and Accounting Professionals, which I am not, it was easy to follow and the content can be applied to any profession. From the first unit, I was able to start applying what I was learning to my job.


Tracy Hursh

Chief of Internal Review at the U.S. Army

I've avoided Pivot Tables, but now feel very comfortable working with them and plan to use them in the future.


Saraiyah Nair

Tax Associate at EY

Highly recommend! Well organized content, and will definitely help you improve efficiency and learn new concepts in Excel!

Courses or Campus Pass?

Our courses were originally designed for accounting and finance professionals and as such, are offered for CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit.

Over time, we’ve come to discover that Excel University appeals to a wider audience so we also offer a Campus Pass.

Courses and the Campus Pass include the same Undergraduate and Masters lessons, and both offer the related certifications (Graduate and Masters). Below is a summary of key differences.

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To work fast in Excel, you need two things: process + skills. Our Speed Loop process helps you optimize your workbooks for efficiency and accuracy. Excel skills are needed to automate manual tasks. We teach both so that you can get your work done fast.

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