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Jeff LenningPersonal Coaching Program

When I was too busy and stressed at work, I developed two critical things that helped me get my Excel-work done fast: a process and key Excel skills.

  • I have formalized that process, and I call it the Speed Loop.
  • I have spent the past 5 years building online training programs that teach the Excel skills.

If you would like to learn both of these (from me personally) while applying them to your real-life workbooks, then you may be interested in my Speed Loop coaching program. The coaching program offers group sessions and an option for three individual (1-on-1) sessions with me.

When I was the accounting manager for a public company, the process and skills I developed (and now teach) helped secure my job … after all, I was the guy who knew how to automate everything so there was no way they would let me go. They also helped me financially during my annual review because I was able to bring huge efficiency gains to the company. I share the skills I learned and the process I developed in this coaching program.

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Coaching Program

My goal for the coaching program is to personally help students implement the Speed Loop on their workbooks in real-time. This enables us to apply the process to real-life workbooks and accumulate the specific Excel skills needed to automate those specific workbooks. It really bridges the gap because we apply the process and skills to your workbooks.

  • Each coaching team is limited to 25 students
    • Needs to be small for me to provide individual attention
  • Each team starts on the same day
    • Each team has its own schedule, provided in advance
  • We meet as a team bi-weekly for three months
    • Online meetings, sharing webcams and screens as desired
  • During the three months, we work through the Speed Loop together, step by step
    • The first team meeting is orientation, introductions, and a homework assignment
    • Remaining meetings answer student questions about their actual workbooks
      • Example: should I use VLOOKUP or SUMIFS here? How would I use Power Query there?
    • The final team meeting is a celebration where we share success stories
  • 5 of the 25 spots are MVPs who have three 1-on-1 meetings with me
  • Team discussion forums are provided during AND ongoing (free)
  • Each team member gets a Lifetime Campus Pass (yes, free lifetime access)

I am extremely excited about the coaching program because it is my way to help hands-on. I’ve had many requests for this over the years, but until now I didn’t have a formal way to deliver this service.

This program is totally unique, and it will help students get their work done faster. But, it isn’t designed for everyone. To ensure coaching students will benefit and to avoid accepting money from people it wasn’t designed to help, I’ve put together a little process.

Process Overview

To ensure students will be successful, I have a screening process. This helps me confirm that the program is a good match for each student.

If you are interested, please complete the Interest Form. This is not a commitment by either of us. This is simply letting me know you are interested.

After I personally review your interest form, I’ll let you know if I think the program is a good fit. If you decide to proceed, we’ll sort through the details, plans, current pricing, and options together. If you decide you are in, I’ll get you on a team with an open spot. If there are no open spots, I’ll put on you the wait-list.

I conduct each and every coaching session personally. As I have only so much bandwidth, spots are filled in the order in which interest forms are submitted and approved.


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