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Save an Hour per Week with these 16 Time Hacks

Meet and Defeat the 4 Enemies of Efficiency


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Webinar Notes

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  • It is provided on-demand so you can watch anytime until May 19, 2022
  • Presented by Jeff Lenning CPA
  • Not offered for CPE credit

You will meet the 4 Enemies of Efficiency.

They are the lack of...

  • Automation
  • Concentration
  • Motivation
  • Organization

Then, you will learn to defeat them with 16 time hacks, including ...

  • Shortcut to fill a pattern down
  • Shortcut to fill formulas down
  • Shortcut to have Excel write formulas
  • Excel mindset
  • Action/Ideas
  • Number series
  • Date series
  • One-click filter
  • Sum by color
  • Time-shifting
  • Gamify
  • Instant subtotals
  • Automatic outlines
  • Blocking days
  • Control techniques