Advertising / Sponsorships

Thanks for your interest in becoming an Excel University sponsor. Here is a quick breakdown of the programs we offer.


Sponsor/advertising proceeds are used to cover the tuition of students in need. We receive requests from people who are out of work, need financial assistance, or work for non-profits. The sponsorship program was created to help these students. All proceeds collected from sponsors pays for Excel University enrollments.

Sponsored Webinar - $3,500

Excel University promotes, hosts, and runs the webinar. It is presented by Jeff Lenning CPA and is free to participants. It runs on-demand for two weeks. Although the number of participants is not guaranteed, the average webinar has about 2,500 participants.

Your company/organization/product is discussed in the beginning of the webinar, and included in the "Sponsored by" line in the webinar and in all correspondence, including:

  • The invitation email (sent to 50,000+ subscribers)
  • The registration landing page
  • The webinar handouts page
  • The replay page
  • The follow up email sent to attendees

A link to your landing page is included in the above items. If you have a voucher code, please provide so we can include it.

Note: a commitment we uphold to our audience is that we will never sell their email address. Please note that email addresses and names of attendees are not provided to sponsors.

Sponsored Blog Post - $1,000

Your company/organization/product is included in the "Sponsored by" line in a blog post, including:

  • The blog post email sent to 50,000+ subscribers (includes link to your landing page)
  • The website post (with link to your landing page)

If you have a voucher code, please provide so we can include it.

Donation / Anonymous Sponsor - $100 increments

If you'd like to help out with enrollment fees but wish to remain anonymous, we appreciate your support and are happy to accept your donation.

If you'd like more info, please contact us with any questions ... and thanks for your consideration!

Note: we reserve the right to deny any sponsor request that we feel is not appropriate for our audience or the Excel University brand.


Other Programs

At this time, we don't offer any other programs, such as ads, banners, reviews, links, or guest blog posts.