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Impossible PivotTables: Made Possible with Power Pivot

Do you love Excel PivotTables? Me too! As great as traditional PivotTables are, they do have some limitations. When we hit one of them, we quickly conclude that this is just an impossible PivotTable.

In this complimentary 60-minute webinar, we’ll see how Power Pivot makes impossible PivotTables possible. Power Pivot can do much more than that, but, I thought this would be a fun way to introduce Power Pivot. If you use PivotTables or VLOOKUP, you’ll love learning about Power Pivot.

Attendees receive a free e-book to keep for reference 🙂

There are four live sessions plus an on-demand version for those with scheduling conflicts.

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  • Wed July 18 @ 2p CT
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  • Power Pivot is not available in all versions of Excel, including Excel for Mac
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  • This complimentary webinar is not offered for CPE credit.
  • Webinar registration includes a complimentary subscription to the Excel University blog.


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Additional Information / Webinar Agenda

Historically, when I tried to build a traditional PivotTable (PT) that wasn’t supported by Excel, I’d have to figure out some type of workaround. These workarounds weren’t always pretty, but, they helped me get the numbers I needed. I’d use workarounds like adding helper columns to the data table, copy/pasting multiple data tables into a single data source table, clicking-and-dragging to manually sort the labels, or creating formulas outside the PT on the worksheet. All of these worked, sort-of, but, they didn’t feel very elegant. They didn’t feel very reliable either … they felt fragile, like they could easily break in future periods when I had to update the report. Then, everything changed when I learned about Power Pivot (PP).

To explore Power Pivot, we’ll do these things:

  • We’ll build a report that pulls amounts from one table and names from another (without using VLOOKUP)
  • Build a report that allocates an amount over departments based on percentages
  • Build a report that uses budget data from one table, forecast data from another, and actuals from another … then compute a variance

And, we’ll do all of them all with Power Pivot 🙂

I’ll then talk about how to learn more about Power Pivot and earn 20 CPE credits while doing so.

Free e-book! Attendees will receive a free e-book to keep as a reference.

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