Online Excel Training for Individuals

Excel Training for Individuals

Our online Excel training program is built from the ground up, and uses modern technology to deliver an effective training experience. This page walks through:

Overall Format^

The courses are designed around a recommended eight week schedule. The typical participant spends a couple of hours per week working through the content when it fits their schedule. When a passing score is achieved on the weekly quiz, the content for the next week is unlocked. If you want, you are free to move to the next weekly section immediately. That is, you are not required to work through the course over eight weeks, you can move through it as fast as you would like. As soon as you pass the quiz, bam, you unlock the next section.

Each weekly section contains lecture videos that explain the material, and basically teach the content of the book. The homework activities provide a way to practice and get hands-on experience with the Excel features presented. The homework includes activities such as completing the Excel exercise workbooks, replying to forum posts, and responding to quick polls. The weekly quiz helps reinforce content. At the end of the session, a passing score on the final exam unlocks your certificate of completion.

The Excel University series is built progressively, with each volume building upon the content explored in previous volumes. Each volume has an individual book and course, and we recommend working through them sequentially, beginning with Volume 1.

Sample Week^

In order to get an idea of a typical week, we’ve included a sample agenda below. The agenda below is for Volume 2 Week 1.






If you’d like to enroll and view actual course content, we’ve set up several free evaluation courses. Enrolling into the evaluation courses will give you a feel for the production quality, content, and activities to determine if Excel University is a good fit.


Topics Covered^

The Excel University courses teach the content from the books. For a list of the Excel topics covered in each volume, please check out the book page.

For a full agenda of each volume, which lists the videos, activities, quizzes, and additional resources, simply head to our store and click on the link for the desired course. The course details page provides a full agenda with video times, topics by week, activities, and more.

Other Notes

Course Material

eu01_cover_image_shdMost participants will want to grab a copy of the course book, so that they have something to hang on to and reference after completing the online course. Since there are different versions of Excel, and different format preferences, we have discounted the price of the course so that participants can acquire the book on their own. Each Volume is available in paperback, Kindle, and iTunes for each Excel version beginning with Excel 2010 for Windows. Please note that Excel for Mac is not supported at this time.

To purchase a copy of the course book, please visit the book page which contains all of the links to the various formats and online stores.


Any participant may request a refund before the third week of the course.


View the course list and prices by clicking the Course List button below.