Student Success Story: Teresa

“My biggest win with Excel University has been the life changing balance between my personal life and work. Instead of taking two weeks to prepare the files to go out and then taking three weeks to get them back for reviews, we get it done in a week and a half.”


  • Time savings during critical reporting periods
  • A better work-life balance
  • A way to train staff quickly
  • Automated methods of data entry

Educated Her Team and Streamlined Processes

  • A continuum of lessons, from beginner to advanced
  • Tasks that help to build a deep understanding of Excel
  • Lessons and tasks that can be accessed on your own schedule
  • Strategies that can be implemented in real time

What was life like before you joined Excel University?

My name is Teresa McKennon, and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I currently work for Animal Humane and I am the Senior Finance Manager. 

I was considered the Excel expert at work. I was looking for something that I could present to my staff because neither one of them had a lot of background in Excel.

I decided to sign up for Excel University for myself because I wanted to go through the course to see how it was presented and how it could help my staff. It kind of evolved from there.


What has changed since you joined Excel University?

I have learned so many new Excel functionalities that I did not even know existed. The staff I work with now had no Excel training or experience. 

I am far enough into the Excel University course to know it is a good tool, so I am going to present it to my staff.

I purchased a year-long course for them to go in and start learning these tools as well, so I can start delegating tasks to them.

I am still the one building the spreadsheets and tools we are using, but it would be great for them to have the knowledge required to maintain them.


What makes Excel University better than searching Google or YouTube?

The way that Excel University structures the exercises and walks you through the whole process is great. You can work through things at your own pace, and if you do not understand it you have the opportunity to rewatch it and try again. 

The solution videos have been key to my team. Instead of coming and asking me how to do something, they jump into Excel University to see if they have already covered it.


What is your favorite time-saving technique?

With the skills I gained from Excel University I was able to take our complex budget, which used to take us three months to do, and complete it in a week and a half!

We are constantly making changes in Excel, and our processes are getting better, faster, and easier. 

Automating data entry has been a huge time saver for us. We have a small staff so anything that saves even 30 minutes is huge.


Would you recommend Excel University?

Anybody that uses Excel needs to take at least the first four sections of Excel University. I am into the Master's part of it now and I am super excited about learning Power Query, and Power BI!

Excel University has been a life changer for me, but those first four sections are key. They tell you everything that you need to know as a finance or accounting person, and give you the tools to make your life better.