Student Success Story: Kyle

“We can apply these concepts to manual processes that take time, and we can streamline them and make them more automated.”


  • Streamlined processes
  • Automated tasks
  • Saved time on repetitive work
  • Helped his team be more effective

Understands the Full Power of Excel

  • Thoughtfully designed courses
  • A clear learning progression
  • Builds a conceptual understanding
  • Content based on real-world experience

What was life like before you joined Excel University?

My name is Kyle Pugh, and I am a CPA based in Columbia, South Carolina. I work for an insurance company, and most of my time has been spent in the accounting department.

More recently, I have been working more in IT, where I solve more technical, complex problems for accounting. I considered myself pretty proficient at Excel, but I knew that there were possibilities and capabilities of Excel that I was not fully aware of. 

Knowing that these things existed, but not knowing how to do them, I really wanted to take a step forward in learning those concepts and applying them in my daily work.


What has changed since you joined Excel University?

Since taking the course, I am more aware of efficiency improvements. An example would be that I did not understand all the benefits of creating a table in Excel. 

I considered just inputting data in Excel to be like a table. Now I can see that there are real benefits to making sets of data into a table.


What makes Excel University better than searching Google or YouTube?

You can find the same answers on YouTube and Google, and I have done it that way in the past. The difference is that you do not really understand the concept. 

The Excel University course is set up in a manner that you build on base knowledge. You start with basic concepts and before you know it, you are much more advanced.


What is your favorite time saving technique?

As I work with many different people and we streamline little processes, we generate a lot of time savings. It can seem small, but they add up to a big impact. 

If we can save five minutes out of a ten minute task, that is five minutes of a repetitive process they will save day after day. Over the course of the year, it adds up!


Would you recommend Excel University?

I have already recommended Excel University to some of my peers. I do not think its usefulness is limited to accountants or CPAs. There is a wide range of people who could benefit.

Whether you use Excel already or not, it is a great opportunity to understand some of the tools that you do not know about. It can really improve efficiency, and communication through data.