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Challenge begins: Monday

Tired of spending countless hours in Microsoft Excel?

Imagine being able to save an entire hour every week with just a few simple tips and tricks. Our FREE Excel Speed Challenge is here to help you do just that.

  • Complete 5 easy lessons (video + exercise)
  • Learn skills that can help you streamline your work
  • Receive weekly Excel tips via email after the challenge

Don't let Excel hold you back any longer. Sign up for our Excel Speed Challenge today and start saving time like never before!

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Additional Information

  • Beginner? No worries! Get immediate access to my Excel crash course for beginners and you'll be ready for the challenge!
  • Excel for Windows is recommended; Excel for Mac is supported.
  • The goal: if you spend less than an hour total by watching five short Excel videos, you'll learn Excel skills that will help you save at least an hour per week going forward.
  • Topic Schedule
    • Monday - FlashFill
    • Tuesday - Tables
    • Wednesday - PivotTables
    • Thursday - Power Query
    • Friday - Apply these skills in a single workbook
  • Watch the videos as time permits (there is no deadline).
  • Excel is a big place and I learn stuff about it all the time. When I do, I talk about it. So, after the challenge, I'll send you a weekly Excel tips email with my latest articles and videos so you can continue learning Excel right along with me 🙂
  • CPA? This challenge is not offered for CPE credit (but we do offer other training programs that provide CPE).
  • Taught by Jeff Lenning CPA, Microsoft Excel MVP.