XLOOKUP is the next-gen lookup function designed to address the limitations of VLOOKUP and related workarounds. It combines the capabilities of numerous functions including VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, HLOOKUP, and IFERROR.

Many have asked me to teach this via webinar. So, I created this short webinar that covers the basics 🙂

This on-demand webinar is about a half hour and you can register free here:


Feel free to pass this along to anyone who may be interested in learning about XLOOKUP.

Please review these notes about the webinar and platform:

  • The webinar is provided with GoToWebinar, which allows you to ask questions and download the handout. It does not enable you to pause the webinar
  • About an hour after you finish the webinar, the system will automatically send you a link to the recording which you can pause, rewind, replay (but not ask questions or download the handout).
  • To download the handout, click the document icon in the webinar (not the recording).
  • The webinar is free and is about a half hour
  • The webinar is pre-recorded and will start at the beginning
  • If you don’t have time to watch it now, register and the system will email you a link so you can watch it later
  • Your registration includes a free subscription to the Excel University blog
  • The webinar is not offered for CPE credit
  • The webinar is presented by Jeff Lenning CPA



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