Volume 3 Table of Contents

Excel University Volume 3 is far enough along for me to share the table of contents. I have to say, I’m very excited about this volume as we cover some very cool things. I can’t wait for this volume to make its way through the editing and interior design stages. We are targeting a Q3 release on Amazon, and are shooting for concurrent availability of the book and the online training.

Excel University Volume 3 – Table of Contents

Opening Information

  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Chapter 2: Selected Shortcuts

PivotTable Fundamentals

  • Chapter 3: PivotTable Basics
  • Chapter 4: Rows
  • Chapter 5: Values
  • Chapter 6: Columns
  • Chapter 7: Report Filters
  • Chapter 8: Updating Data
  • Chapter 9: Groups and Subtotals
  • Chapter 10: Value Formats
  • Chapter 11: Report Type Comparison

Working with PivotTables

  • Chapter 12: Options
  • Chapter 13: Report Layout and Design
  • Chapter 14: Multiple Value Fields
  • Chapter 15: Calculated Fields
  • Chapter 16: Calculated Items
  • Chapter 17: Show Values As
  • Chapter 18: Sorting
  • Chapter 19: Filtering
  • Chapter 20: Hybrid Reports with GETPIVOTDATA

Obtain > Prepare > Summarize

  • Chapter 21: Flat Data
  • Chapter 22: Data Preparation
  • Chapter 23: Web Data
  • Chapter 24: External Data and ODBC
  • Chapter 25: Text Files
  • Chapter 26: QuickBooks™ Data
  • Chapter 27: Getting Graphic

To be honest, this is some of my best work yet, and I’m incredibly pleased with the way it is coming along. This book literally picks up where Volume 2 ends, and in fact, the very first thing we do is figure out how to recreate the final Volume 2 formula-based report with the PivotTable feature.

I can’t wait for you to check it out!  Now, I gotta go, I need to stop blogging and get back to V3!

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  1. Eve Peterson on May 28, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Jeff,

    I am looking forward to the release of vol. 3! WTG!! I have learned so much from your previous books, blogs, and webinars.



  2. Rebecca Austin on September 18, 2014 at 6:12 am

    Are you still looking at a Q3 release? Amazon doesn’t have the book listed at all yet, even for pre-order, and I keep looking.

    Additionally, do you have any plans to address array functions?

    • jefflenning on September 18, 2014 at 7:56 am


      The final manuscript is with the publisher now…going through the “interior design” step. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be ready by our Q3 target date of 9/30, but, it will be close. If we miss it, it will be early October.

      Array formulas are in the EU road-map, but, I’m not sure if they will be in V4 or not, I’m still sorting through the topics for that volume.

      Thanks for your support!!!!


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