Training Pass Summary

Our training passes put you in control of your training pace and schedule. They include the same Excel topics (Undergrad + Masters lessons), but are offered with various options and levels of support. These subscriptions have no minimum term, so you can cancel at will. And when you cancel using our no-hassle Cancel Subscription link, you will have access for the remainder of your current billing cycle. These passes accommodate users at every skill level, and include options that meet the goals of every student. They will help you get your Excel work done faster.

Study Pass

Videos and files only


Paid Monthly



Videos + practice files

Campus Pass

Most Popular


Paid Yearly



Quizzes, certificates, live office hours, gamification, student union

CPE Pass

For CPAs


Paid Yearly



Earn up to 124 CPE

top 10

Detailed Comparison

We realize students have different experience levels and goals. So we have created these plans which offer something for everyone.

Item Study Pass Campus Pass CPE Pass
Training videos
Practice files
Undergrad lessons
Masters lessons
Elective lessons
Live Office Hours
Live Study Halls
Live Student Orientation
Student Union
Certificates of completion
Billing discounts
Homework support
Solutions videos
Related blog posts
Additional Resources
PDF handouts
Masters e-books
Progress tracking
Weekly Campus News email
CPE Credit
Speed Loop Integration
Undergrad e-books

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a CPA looking to earn Continuing Professional Education CPE credits, we recommend the CPE Pass (124 CPE). If you are looking for our most popular pass, which includes support, live Office Hours, live study halls, forums, gamification, quizzes, and certificates of completion, then we recommend a Campus Pass. If you are looking for a self-service option that includes only the videos and files, and do not require any support, then we recommend the Study Pass.

We offer a no hassle cancel link inside the program. Just click Cancel Subscription and the system will not charge your card again. You will still have full access to the materials through the current billing cycle (until your stated expiration date). 

The Excel topics are the same for all passes, and all include the Undergrad and Masters lessons. Since students have different goals, we have created multiple passes to accommodate all students.

While you are always able to switch passes, please note that completion progress does not transfer. In other words, in our learning management system (LMS), they are different programs. This means that any progress you make does not move to the new pass, and you'd basically be starting from scratch. Thus, we recommend going with the most appropriate pass from the beginning.

There is no minimum term. Whether you have a monthly or annual pass, you can cancel any time and your card will not be charged again. You'll have access for the remaining of your billing cycle.

When you cancel, you will still have access for the remainder of your billing cycle. Thus, our system doesn't compute a pro-rated refund for the time remaining. Cancelling just tells our system not to charge your card again.

Yes. If you are interested in a monthly Campus Pass, click here

Yes. Our NASBA sponsor ID is 124370.

CPE is awarded after each lesson, for an average of 4 CPE per lesson. To earn CPE, a passing score of 70% or better on the final exam is required (per NASBA). You have unlimited exam attempts.

With a Campus Pass or CPE Pass, you can get assistance through several channels, including our Student Union forum, our live Office Hours, and our live Study Halls. During Office Hours, you can not only ask about classwork, you can also ask any Excel question and even share your screen to get help on your workbooks. However, a Study Pass is basically a self-service option with no support. If you'd like to ask questions, get support, or receive assistance with the homework or your own workbooks, consider a Campus Pass or CPE Pass instead.

Yes. Rather than use the links above, designed for individual students, use the group options. In summary, your training coordinator (which may be you) would purchase one license per student. After checkout, you can assign the licenses to your students. Our system notifies each student and provides login information. Visit our full store for the discounted group options.

Yes. Visit our store to see all training options.