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Web Query

Import Web Data by Jeff Lenning

Get & Transform: An Alternative to Excel’s Web Browser

By Jeff Lenning | July 7, 2016 |

Excel has a built-in web browser that can be used to view web pages and import selected web data. This browser worked well for many years, but, recently, script errors began appearing on some pages. This makes it challenging to import data from some web pages, and frustrates users. The good news is that we can…

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Stock Quotes

By Jeff Lenning | June 2, 2016 |

If you get stock quotes into Excel by typing or copy/pasting from your web browser, you may be able to get your work done faster if you use a built-in Excel feature. Excel’s external data feature enables you to retrieve data from a variety of sources—one of which happens to provide stock quotes. Check out…

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MSN MoneyCentral IQY Web Query

By Jeff Lenning | May 9, 2013 |

Note: see this post for instructions on using the new stock quotes system in Excel. I happened to notice that the MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes IQY file did not install automatically with Excel 2013.  I’m not sure if this just occurred on my system, or, if this is by design. In any event, I’d like to…

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