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VLOOKUP Hack #8: Extra Spaces

By Jeff Lenning | December 12, 2017 |

Here’s a VLOOKUP question for you: What happens when the lookup value includes extra spaces? For example, a few trailing spaces, or leading spaces, or, extra spaces in the middle of the text string. When the lookup value has extra spaces, but the lookup range values don’t, VLOOKUP runs into problems. This leads us to…

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Remove Extra Spaces from Lookup Values with TRIM

By Jeff Lenning | February 27, 2014 |

This post discusses one way to enable our lookup functions, such as VLOOKUP, to work even when the lookup values contain extra spaces. We’ll use the TRIM function to dynamically remove padding from the lookup values. Overview We’ll use a specific example to demonstrate this function. Let’s say we’ve exported a partial income statement from…

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