Speed Loop Sprint

Learn to create workbooks that practically update themselves

  • Learn how to streamline your workbooks in the first 60 days
  • Lifetime Access to all undergrad and masters lessons to continue learning
  • Become an Excel Power User and learn to automate manual tasks
  • 3 YEARS to earn 124 CPE (if you are a CPA)


Who should attend?

  • CPAs looking to earn 124 CPE while learning Excel
  • Busy professionals who want the biggest impact in the shortest time, with lifetime access to all lessons to continue exploring
  • People looking to earn a promotion or get a different job where Excel skills are required
  • Excel users who feel too busy and want to streamline their work to have more free time

Registration Schedule

  • Early-bird Registration: Closed
  • General Registration: Open
  • Registration Closes: Friday
  • Sprint begins: Monday


Registration Closes

What You Get

This is the training program you've been looking for. In the first 60 days, you'll learn the process and key Excel skills that will help you achieve the biggest wins in the shortest time. Then, you'll have lifetime access to dig into all of the other Excel skills you can use to refine and improve your workbooks.

Speed Loop® Sessions

Speed Loop sessions during the first 60 days that focus on the biggest time savings capabilities so you can realize efficiency fast.

  • An accelerated tour through the 5 most impactful lessons.
  • Learn the Excel skills that provide the biggest time savings.
  • The skills are presented within the Speed Loop framework and are released every other week.



Lifetime Campus Pass*

Lifetime access to the on-demand videos and files so you can learn everything on YOUR own schedule at YOUR own pace.

  • Lifetime Campus Pass
  • Includes access to the videos and files for all Undergrad and Masters lessons
  • * If you register for the CPE program, CPE credit must be earned within 3 Years; after that, you'll have lifetime access to the videos/files but without the ability to earn CPE, Certificates of Completion, or Certifications.


Lifetime Access to Live Calls

Unlimited lifetime access to our Office Hours so that you can ask questions not only about the training but also about your own workbooks and any other Excel questions.

  • Unlimited lifetime access to live Office Hours with Jeff
  • Unlimited lifetime access to live Study Halls with our TAs
  • Unlimited lifetime access to live Student Advisor meetings



Fast Track System©

Designed so busy professionals can easily fit this training into their schedule and make steady forward progress.

  • Fast Track Lesson Guide - how to hack the lessons for optimal speed
  • Time Hacks - how to create an hour per week and dedicate it to training
  • Key Excel Functions Cheat Sheet - an MVP's guide to the key functions so you can learn them quickly and easily memorize the arguments
  • Bite Sized Chunks - organized and structured so you can learn Excel in small increments


Excel Building Blocks©

Learn how to select Excel features and functions for various situations, how they fit together, and practice using them together hands-on.

  • Excel Playbook - how to know when to use which function or feature, and which ones work together
  • Missions and Case Studies - practice using multiple Excel skills in a single workbook
  • Template Library - 30+ done-for-you Excel templates you can use immediately


Excel University Certifications*

Earn Certifications to place on your LinkedIn or resume/cv so that others know you know Excel.

  • Excel University Graduate Certification - when you complete the Undergrad lessons
  • Excel University Masters Certification - when you complete the Masters lessons
  • LinkedIn - instructions for adding your certification and requesting a recommendation from me on LinkedIn
  • * If you register for the CPE program, Certifications must be earned within 3 Years; after that, you'll have lifetime access to the videos/files but without the ability to earn CPE, Certificates of Completion, or Certifications.


Learning Style Optimization

Our lessons are optimized for four common learning styles so you can learn using your preferred format(s).

  • Visual learners - the lessons are taught using pre-recorded lecture videos and demonstrate how to perform each lesson in Excel
  • Auditory learners - the lecture video incorporates the instructor's voice and explanations, plus students have access to live Study Halls and Office Hours for interactive discussions
  • Reading learners - lessons include written narrative and explanations of what is discussed in the video, plus all videos are CC captioned (English)
  • Kinesthetic learners - lessons include hands-on practice exercises specifically designed to demonstrate and reinforce what is taught in the lecture videos


Community & Accountability

Instant access to a community of other Excel users learning and growing just like you. Plus, you can use the scheduled Study Halls as a way to stay accountable to our TAs for making forward progress.

  • Study Halls - put these live events in your schedule to hold you accountable
  • Office Hours - meet with other students on Zoom during Office Hours
  • Student Union - 24/7 access to a community of other Excel users doing exactly what you are doing and learning exactly what you are learning


Choose Your Own Adventure

Chart your own course to success by focusing on topics that are new and important to you (and skipping items that you already know or are not relevant to your work).

  • Lesson Navigation - the basic lesson sequence is designed so you can work through the lessons in order ... but you are free to skip around as desired
  • Gamification - if you choose to play the optional games, they will motivate you to keep making forward progress and offer a fun way to apply what you learned
  • Practice Makes Perfect - use the exercise files to practice what you learn, but since they are not graded or turned in, you can skip the hands-on for topics you already know


Excel Power User Learning Plan

The Integrated Excel Power User Learning Plan outlines core competencies and references the related lessons. As you complete the related lessons, your interactive learning plan automatically marks the related competency as proficient.

  • Competencies - the learning plan defines the core competences needed to be an Excel Power User
  • Lessons - each competency is linked to a specific lesson for easy reference
  • Proficient - as the defined activities (quiz/exam) are completed, the system marks the related competency as complete/proficient


Third-Party Discounts

I asked many of my Excel friends if they would be willing to provide a discount on their products and tools for my students. So, inside you'll find links and promo codes for lots of goodies, including for example:

  • Discount: Genius Sheets QuickBooks Add-In - this Excel add-in enables you to retrieve data from QuickBooks Online (not Desktop) directly into Excel, and makes the connection refreshable.
  • Discount: Hero Tools Add-In - this add-in was developed by my friend Jon Acampora. It extends the capabilities of Excel with tons of time-savings tools.
  • Discount: 101 Macros E-Book - this book was developed by my friend John Michaloudis. It includes macros that are ready to copy/paste into your workbooks immediately.
  • Discount: Excel FSM Add-In - This is a sophisticated add-in that connects to your accounting system and enables you to build and update financial statements in Excel. Includes support for QuickBooks desktop and more.
  • Discount: MrExcel Bookstore - Bill was kind enough to create an Excel University voucher code for discounts in his vast online Excel bookstore. I would encourage you to use it to continue learning and accumulating Excel skills.

Student Success Guarantee

Registration comes with our Student Success Guarantee:

  1. Unconditional 30-day refund: 30-day full refund. Any reason. Simple.
  2. Conditional LIFETIME guarantee: If you find that you are unable to incorporate any of the features/functions in your workbooks after completing the lessons, I will personally work with you until we are able to integrate at least one topic into your workbook to improve it.

Don't Take My Word For It


All Plans Include:

  • Lifetime Campus Pass (valued at $1,798)
  • Lifetime Access to Live Group Calls (valued at $2,598)
  • Dedicated Speed Loop Videos (valued at $598)
  • Fast Track System (valued at $498)
  • Excel Building Blocks (valued at $498)
  • Excel University Certifications (valued at $998)
  • Learning Style Optimization (valued at $498)
  • Community & Accountability (valued at $998)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure (valued at $198)
  • Excel Power User Learning Plan (valued at $998)
  • Third-party Discounts (valued at $198)
  • Total value: $9,878

Speed Loop Sprint

Lifetime access to videos and files.

One-time payment. No recurring fees.


Speed Loop Sprint (124 CPE)

For CPAs

3-Year Access to earn 124 CPE. Lifetime access to videos and files.



Current Excel University student?

  • If you are a current Excel University student with an active Campus Pass or CPE Pass subscription, use the voucher code provided via email to claim your current student discount (to help offset the time remaining in your current subscription).


  • 3-year access to CPE materials; lifetime access to videos and files for reference.
  • CPE is issued for the on-demand (self-study) lessons only. CPE is NOT issued for the Speed Loop sessions, live office hours, study halls, or student advisor meetings.
  • The registration page provides additional CPE information, such as recommended CPE hours, delivery format, learning objectives, and more.

Payment Plan?

  • A payment plan is not offered for this program.

Do I have to be at a certain skill level? 

  • I've intentionally designed the Campus Pass to help Excel users at all levels. Here's how. The lessons proceed in order, starting at the beginning. But, students can skip around to lessons as desired. For example, if you already know VLOOKUP you can skip that video and related exercises.

Will the training be too difficult?

  • I have implemented everything I learned about teaching Excel over the past decade. And as a result, I use common language to explain concepts rather than trying to make myself sound smart by using techie terms and acronyms. I use everyday plain language to make the technical topics easy to understand. I teach each topic in a specific order so that skills are introduced at exactly the right time (not too early) and each lesson builds on the last. That way, there is nothing introduced that is a difficult surprise.

Which version of Excel is required?

  • The core skills taught in the undergraduate lessons are available in most Excel versions, including Excel for Windows, Mac, and online. However, the automation skills taught in the masters lessons require a fairly modern version of Excel for Windows that includes Power Query and Power Pivot.

Lifetime Access

  • Lifetime means the lifetime of our Product or Excel University. If we cease doing business or discontinue the Product, the Lifetime registration will be discontinued automatically.

How much time will it take?

  • Given that students arrive with different experience levels and goals, it is hard to say for sure. Some students want to watch all videos, complete all exercises, all extra credit exercises, read all text, review all of the additional resources, complete all puzzles and gamification elements, and so on. Whereas some students simply want to watch the videos. I've designed the program so that you can choose your own adventure. You can work through the material as fast or slow as you'd like ... at YOUR own desired pace. It is really up to you.

Can't I just figure all of this out on my own?

  • Well ... maybe ... but that will take way to long. As Steve Jobs said, Time is our most precious resource. My training program is designed to help you learn Excel in the most efficient and effective possible way.