Resource Library Now Available

Excel University Resource Library Now Available

Learn how to use Excel to get your stuff done faster!

Excel University just got better! I’m thrilled to announce the immediate availability of the Excel University Resource Library.

As you know, it is a real bummer spending more time than necessary on a project. If you feel like you have more work than time, you are not alone. That is exactly how I felt for several years…until I discovered that I could essentially hire Excel to be a fast worker. I could delegate my recurring accounting tasks to Excel. With Excel’s help, I was able to close the books in 2 days instead of 2 weeks. A student was able to finish her monthly reports in 4 hours instead of 40.

Here are a few student comments I received recently:

  • “Productivity here I come, hello my new life!”
  • “There has never been a better accounting/Excel skills overhaul in my 14 years of experience being an accountant.”
  • “Excel University made my list of 12 things to be thankful for this year!  Seriously!”

If you are preparing to head into a busy season, tax, audit, or otherwise, you may want to consider improving your Excel skills now so that you too can get your stuff done faster. With Excel proficiency comes efficiency. Getting the same amount of work done in less time is the result.

Get ready for busy season

If you want to prepare for your upcoming busy season by getting great at Excel, now is the time. Before you get too busy, learn how to automate your manual accounting tasks.

In conjunction with the launch of the Excel University Resource Library, I’m offering an amazing deal. What is the Resource Library exactly? It is an online resource that provides ongoing access to the key content of the Excel University courses, namely, the lecture videos, the book chapters, the solutions videos, and the practice Excel files.

NASBA sets the enrollment period of a course to one year, and as a CPE sponsor, Excel University is bound by this term. However, many students want continued access to the materials even after they finish the course. That is why we created the Resource Library. It is separate from the course and is provided for reference only (not for CPE credit). As such, we can provide continued access on a subscription basis.

Discount and free access

Order one of the Excel University training Bundles (Full or Lite version) by January 6, 2016 to receive a 20% discount on the courses (one year enrollment period) plus two years of free access to the Resource Library.

If you need CPE credit, enroll in the Full bundle to earn 35 CPE credits. Normally $499, now available for $399. Includes Volumes 1, 2 and 3 Full courses plus two years free access to the Resource Library:


If you don’t need the CPE credit, the discussion forums, or the certificate of completion, use the link below instead. Normally $349, now available for $279. Includes Volumes 1, 2 and 3 Lite courses plus two years free access to the Resource Library:


If you decide to enroll, I’m sure you’ll love training at Excel University. And, I’ll tell you what. If you enroll and decide that you haven’t learned anything that will help you save time, I’ll refund 100% of your enrollment fee. You keep the knowledge as my gift!

Please don’t hesitate to ping me if I can provide any additional information, I’m happy to help…thanks!



  • After January 8, 2016, the 20% voucher code expires and you’ll lose one year of free access to the Resource Library.
  • The Resource Library is designed to accompany the online courses, not replace them. Thus, the Resource Library is available with the purchase of a training bundle only and not on its own.
  • Please know that we don’t store your credit card information and will NOT automatically charge your credit card for the Resource Library renewal in two years. You’ll receive a renewal email notice with a link to optionally continue access to the Resource Library on a subscription basis if desired for about $5 per month or $49 per year.
  • The difference between the Full and Lite versions is explained here: Full vs Lite