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Battle of Excel Heavyweights

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event. In this corner, with an impressive 30-year career, introducing the champion of Excel lookup functions: VLOOKUP. In the opposite corner, the challenger: SUMIFS.

In this complimentary 90-minute webinar, we’ll talk about these two functions and compare them head-to-head. Plus, we’ll talk about getting certified in Excel. It will be a battle of two Excel heavyweights. Who will win? Join us and find out … ROUND 1 … FIGHT!

Attendees receive a free e-book to keep for reference 🙂

There are four live sessions plus an on-demand version for those with scheduling conflicts.


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Additional Information / Webinar Agenda

In this webinar, I begin by introducing the VLOOKUP function. It is probably the most popular Excel function. Then, I introduce the conditional summing function, SUMIFS. After these brief introductions, I compare them in a 5-round competition. We perform the same task twice, first with VLOOKUP and then with SUMIFS. This allows us to dig into the key differences and understand which one to use in a given situation.

The 5 rounds compare these items:

  1. Multiple matching values
  2. No matching values
  3. Different data types
  4. Column order
  5. Returning text values

I’ll then talk about getting certified in Excel with the Excel University Graduate Certification program.

Free e-book! Attendees will receive a free e-book to keep as a reference.

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