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How to Stop Wasting Time with Excel

In this free webinar, you’ll see how Excel can help you save time. Instead of spending extra time doing tasks manually, you’ll learn how to have Excel do them for you. We’ll use a common financial report as our example. We’ll see how classic Excel features like tables and SUMIFS can improve efficiency to some extent, and how modern Excel features like Power Query and the data model can improve it even more!

Attendees receive a free e-book to keep for reference 🙂

There are five live sessions plus an on-demand version for those with scheduling conflicts.

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  • Tue Apr 30 @ 10a CT
  • Tue Apr 30 @ 2p CT
  • Wed May 1 @ Noon CT
  • Wed May 1 @ 3p CT
  • Thu May 2 @ 10a CT


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  • Jeff Lenning CPA presents these sessions live, in real-time and you can submit questions.
  • This live webinar is offered for 1 CPE credit
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If you have scheduling conflicts with the live dates, please watch the free on-demand version now through May 9, 2019:


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  • Webinar registration includes a complimentary subscription to the Excel University blog.


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Additional Information / Webinar Agenda

This webinar focuses on improving the efficiency of a common Excel task … building and updating a report. We’ll cover the entire progression of the report process. We’ll start by considering how the report is typically updated (manually). Then, we’ll improve it with classic Excel features and functions such as tables and SUMIFS. Then, we’ll improve efficiency even more with Power Query and the data model. This webinar illustrates how knowledge of these Excel features can help you get your work done faster. At the end of the day, why would we spend more time than necessary doing our work? Time is a precious resource, and learning how to use Excel can help you save a ton of time!

Here are the 5 Excel topics we’ll cover:

  1. Tables
  3. Power Query
  4. Data model
  5. Cube functions

Here is our outline:

  • We’ll get started by using classic Excel features to improve our report (tables, SUMIFS)
  • Next, we’ll use Power Query to improve the report process
  • Finally, we’ll use the data model and cube functions to improve it even more

I’ll then talk about getting certified in Excel with the Excel University Graduate Certification program (40 CPE credits available).

Learning Objectives:

  • Recall the arguments of SUMIFS
  • State the process to get and transform a data table with Power Query
  • Identify the command that converts a PivotTable to formulas

Recommended CPE Credit: 1.0
Subject Area: Computer Software & Applications
Course Level: Basic
Instructional Method: Group Internet Based
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None


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