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In this webinar, I’ll demonstrate how to take 20+ manual steps and automate them using formulas, PivotTables, Power Query, Power Pivot, PivotCharts, and a VBA macro. By the end of the webinar, the list of 20+ manual steps will be reduced to 2. Each month going forward, updating the workbook will take only 2 mouse clicks. Excel can help you work at the speed of light 🙂

Attendees receive a free e-book to keep for reference.


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Additional Information / Webinar Agenda

Let’s say you have a series of 20+ manual Excel tasks that you perform each week or month. Stuff like importing data, preparing it, summarizing it, checking it for errors, and distributing the reports. Rather than perform these steps manually, we want to try to delegate them to Excel if possible. Why? Because Excel can do them faster! By the end of this webinar, the series of 20+ manual Excel tasks will be reduced to two manual mouse clicks. Knowing which features to use at which point is the process is key. This webinar helps to see how the pieces fit together and illustrates which feature can automate each step in the process.

Our agenda will be to automate steps to Excel, as follows:

  • Step 1: Gather Data. We’ll delegate the data gathering tasks to Power Query.
  • Step 2: Prepare Data. We’ll automate these tasks with Power Pivot.
  • Step 3: Summarize Data. We’ll automate these tasks with a PivotTable.
  • Step 4: Error Check. We’ll automate these tasks with formulas.
  • Step 5: Prepare Dashboard. We’ll automate these tasks with a PivotChart.
  • Step 6: Distribute Reports. We’ll automate these tasks with a VBA macro.

I’ll then show how you can dig deeper into these topics with the corresponding courses at Excel University.

Free e-book! Attendees will receive a free e-book to keep as a reference.

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