Identify and Sum Transactions

Identify and Sum Transactions

In Excel, there is usually more than one way to accomplish any given task. This video will demonstrate a fast way to accomplish a task that is often done manually.

Before we begin, I just want to say thanks to the roughly 1,000 of you who helped me out by responding to the bundle poll. Before the poll, I didn’t think that there would be much interest in a 55-CPE bundle in light of the typical 40 hours/year standard. But, I’m glad I asked, because 83% of you would like a bundle option. So, I’ll be sure to include a bundled option…thanks!

Since the Excel University series is all about getting your work done fast, this first video shows a fast alternative to a common manual task, identifying and summing transactions…hope it helps you get your work done faster!



That was the first of three videos that I refer to as the Fast Way Excel video series! It will show the traditional way (slow way) to accomplish a task, and then show the fast way. Here are the videos in the series:

  1. Identify and Sum Transactions
  2. Filter Duplicates
  3. Formatting Impacts Productivity

Stay tuned for video #2…coming up in a couple of days!

Polling Question

Now, as mentioned in the video, I’d love to hear if your experience is consistent with mine. Do you think getting better at Excel enables you to get your Excel-work done faster?

As mentioned in the video, I’d love to stay connected, and I have some additional resources available.

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