Global Excel Summit

On-demand training + Live office hours

Campus Pass

A Campus Pass subscription includes:

  • All Undergrad Lessons (classic Excel features, functions, PivotTables)
  • All Masters Lessons (Power Query, Power Pivot, VBA)
  • Live Office Hours (weekly, zoom)
  • Extreme Gamification (includes Story Mode - see video below)
  • Month-to-month (no commitment, cancel at will)
  • Billing discounts
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Gamification - Story Mode

Additional Notes



  • Undergrad topics covered
  • Masters topics covered
  • Billing discounts
    • claim billing discounts at key training milestones
  • Extreme Gamification
    • Most fun you'll have learning Excel
    • Story mode - see intro video below
    • Breakout puzzles - based on escape rooms
    • Badges & achievements
    • XP & Level Up

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