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The charting capabilities of Excel are remarkable. During the course of my career, I have developed only a cursory knowledge of Excel charts and graphs. I recently took an online Excel dashboard course, and I wanted to share my experience and provide a link so you can check it out…plus….a 20% discount is now available!

Learn Excel Dashboard Course

Mynda, the instructor, begins by describing the attributes of a good dashboard as well as issues to consider when creating them.

Next, we explored dashboard data, and why it is important to carefully consider the data source and format.

We then examined design and display principles, and this is where the course became quite interesting. The display principles module covered a multitude of practical examples and provided the hands-on mechanics that I needed to feel comfortable applying the concepts to my workbooks.

Next we transitioned into interactive Excel controls that enable the user to quickly select which elements and data should be included in the dashboard. The two modules that followed, analyzing the data and automation techniques, explained how to improve efficiency…and you know I appreciate that!

The final three modules finish strong with several visual examples that apply various concepts covered during the course. The final example is a fully interactive Tour de France dashboard that is quite sexy.

After the course, I am more comfortable using Excel’s charting features and feel that my time in the course was well spent!

Mynda did a great job preparing the course…and if you need to create charts or prepare dashboards or key performance indicator reports, her course is sure to help…check it out:

Excel Dashboard Course

Please note: the 20% discount is valid through October 16, 2014.

Thanks Mynda…awesome job!

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