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Ready to join students who have saved 100,000+ hours

by delegating tedious, routine, manual tasks to Excel?

Hours saved:


... and counting!

Don't take my word for it...


What You Get

Access to the on-demand videos and files so you can pause, rewind, and change video playback speed.

  • Plus Live Office Hours for support
  • Practice files
  • Quizzes
  • Certifications
  • And gamification makes it fun!


Access to Live Calls

Access to our Office Hours so that you can ask questions not only about the training but also about your own workbooks and any other Excel questions.

  • Live Office Hours with Jeff
  • Live Study Halls with our TAs
  • Live Student Advisor meetings


Excel University Certifications

You also have the ability to earn Certifications to place on your LinkedIn or resume/cv by completing all 32 lessons.

  • Excel University Graduate Certification - when you complete the Undergrad lessons
  • Excel University Masters Certification - when you complete the Masters lessons
  • LinkedIn - instructions for adding your certification and requesting a recommendation from me on LinkedIn


Learning Style Optimization

Our lessons are optimized for four common learning styles so you can learn using your preferred format(s).

  • Visual learners - the lessons are taught using pre-recorded lecture videos and demonstrate how to perform each lesson in Excel
  • Auditory learners - the lecture video incorporates the instructor's voice and explanations, plus students have access to live Study Halls and Office Hours for interactive discussions
  • Reading learners - lessons include written narrative and explanations of what is discussed in the video, plus all videos are CC captioned (English)
  • Kinesthetic learners - lessons include hands-on practice exercises specifically designed to demonstrate and reinforce what is taught in the lecture videos


Community & Accountability

Instant access to a community of other Excel users learning and growing just like you. Plus, you can use the scheduled Study Halls as a way to stay accountable to our TAs for making forward progress.

  • Study Halls - put these live events in your schedule to hold you accountable
  • Office Hours - meet with other students on Zoom during Office Hours
  • Student Union - 24/7 access to a community of other Excel users doing exactly what you are doing and learning exactly what you are learning


Choose Your Own Adventure

Chart your own course to success by focusing on topics that are new and important to you (and skipping items that you already know or are not relevant to your work).

  • Lesson Navigation - the basic lesson sequence is designed so you can work through the lessons in order ... but you are free to skip around as desired
  • Gamification - if you choose to play the optional games, they will motivate you to keep making forward progress and offer a fun way to apply what you learned
  • Practice Makes Perfect - use the exercise files to practice what you learn, but since they are not graded or turned in, you can skip the hands-on for topics you already know


If you are at max capacity, something needs to change.

While you are at work, you are too busy. You often work late nights and weekends. When you are at home, you are thinking about work.

There is a way to get the SAME amount of work done in LESS time.

And it doesn't require hiring any staff.

When you are proficient at Excel, you can turn it into a super-fast employee. You can delegate your manual, tedious, routine tasks. Excel can get that work done faster than you. Much faster.

As a result, you can go from STRESSED to RELAXED like I did.

Google = Random Tips and Tricks

Listen, I KNOW most people learn Excel these days through web search ... they end up wandering around the internet picking up random tips and tricks.


This approach takes WAY too long and doesn't provide the impact you need.


Wandering around the internet picking up tips and tricks is like collecting a bunch of random Lego pieces. You end up with a huge pile.

In my training program, I'll show you exactly which specific pieces you need and how they fit together ... that way you can build a cool Excel robot that does your work for you.

Click and drag the slider below to see what I'm talking about!!

Random Pieces Excel Robot

Start your 7-day free trial today 🙂

I used everything I learned about saving time with Excel to develop a complete Excel training system that will help you learn Excel fast.

You can start a 7-day free Campus Pass trial and begin learning to save time today.

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The CAMPUS PASS provides on-demand training videos that you can stream on YOUR schedule PLUS live office hours with me over zoom so you can ask me any Excel questions (even on your own projects).

EVEN IF you feel you are too busy to train

EVEN IF you are just getting started on your Excel journey

EVEN IF you've been using Excel for 20+ years

EVEN IF you are afraid or intimidated by Excel

EVEN IF you love Excel and are already proficient with the basics

Let me ask you something ...

Do you feel like you are using Excel to its fullest capacity? Or, do you believe Excel can probably do more for you?

The steps I teach help you learn Excel in a systematic, organized, step-by-step manner.

If you are ...

TIRED of trying to figure Excel out on your own

FRUSTRATED that you can't get Excel to do what you want it to

FEELING like you'll never be able to use Excel to radically streamline your work

... then my Campus Pass is perfect for you.


Here's a few examples of what my students have achieved...

  • Melissa

    "A report that took 6 hours now takes 30 minutes."

  • Kat

    "Within a few lessons, I was saving hours of time during my monthly activities."

  • Maia

    "I was able to cut hours and days from budgeting and monthly reporting processes."

  • Cathy

    "I've learned to create spreadsheets that reduce my crunch time from days to minutes."

Streamlining Excel workbooks is HARD.

If you want results like these, it won't happen from "trying to figure it out" on your own. "Trying to figure it out" on your own ONLY leads to increased stress, wasted time, and missed opportunities.


Just because you're using Excel and perhaps even feel comfortable with it DOESN'T mean you're going to maximize your efficiency. Searching the web and trying to "figure it out" on your own is NOT a strategy.

My students have been able to save TONS of hours by eliminating a HUGE number of manual tasks ... month after month.


They signed up because they TRIED to figure it out on their own. They WASTED months and years of effort because they DIDN'T have a step by step system to follow.

How about this?

Try the Campus Pass FREE for 7 days.

Keep it if you like it. Cancel it if you don't.

Note: registration closes soon

Here's what's included in our Campus Pass

Step 1: Learn the Speed Loop® process

  • Send all of your recurring-use workbooks through this process to optimize them for efficiency and accuracy
  • Prepare each workbook for the loop
  • Replace each manual step with a corresponding Excel feature or function
  • Rebuild the workbook to leverage time savings and maximize efficiency

Step 2: Learn core skills in the Undergraduate lessons

  • Focus only on the key features and functions you'll use over and over
  • Become proficient with them so you know how they work
  • Learn to combine them in various ways depending on your specific workbooks

Step 3: Learn automation tools in the Masters lessons

  • Explore the tools that will dramatically streamline your workbooks
  • Power Query and Power Pivot are designed to completely transform your recurring-use workbooks
  • Macros and VBA will get Excel to do the routine manual tasks

Excel University Certifications

Excel University Graduate Certification

Upon completion of the Undergrad lessons, you'll unlock the Excel University Graduate Certification which you can place on your LinkedIn or resume/cv.

Graduation Banner-01

Excel University Masters Certification

Upon completion of the masters lessons, you'll unlock the Excel University Masters Certification which you can place on your LinkedIn or resume/cv.

Masters Banner-01

It is time.

You already know you've wasted enough time  ...

days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years ...

doing things manually.

It is time to harness the true power of Excel to help you work faster.

Note: registration closes soon


"I just need more time to train."



"You need to train to have more time."

Jeff Lenning CPA

Microsoft Certified Trainer

Microsoft Excel MVP

My name's Jeff, and I'm your instructor. I developed Excel University to help you learn Excel so that you can get your work done faster ... regardless of where you are on your Excel journey.

Jeff Lenning

Excel has helped me save countless hours. I try my best to help others do the same. While most of the content I create I give away for free, I do charge for my formal training programs. My training passes include live Office Hours with me over zoom. That way, you can share your workbooks and get some friendly advice, or ask me any Excel question!

I hope to see you on the inside.


Training pass programs include:

  • On-demand lessons
  • Live office hours for support
  • No charge today
  • Cancel before the trial ends
  • Annual subscription automatically begins after trial period
  • Cancel anytime thereafter


Registration closes soon

Campus Pass Trial

No charge today

Annual subscription $480/year

Note: no charge ever if you cancel before trial ends

CPE Pass Trial

For CPAs

Annual subscription $620/year

Offered for 124 CPE


Do I have to be at a certain skill level? 

I've intentionally designed the Campus Pass to help Excel users at all levels. Here's how. The lessons proceed in order, starting at the beginning. But, students can skip around to lessons as desired. For example, if you already know VLOOKUP you can skip that video and related exercises.

Will the training be too difficult?

I have implemented everything I learned about teaching Excel over the past decade. And as a result, I use common language to explain concepts rather than trying to make myself sound smart by using techie terms and acronyms. I use everyday plain language to make the technical topics easy to understand. I teach each topic in a specific order so that skills are introduced at exactly the right time (not too early) and each lesson builds on the last. That way, there is nothing introduced that is a difficult surprise.

Which version of Excel is required?

The core skills taught in the undergraduate lessons are available in most Excel versions, including Excel for Windows, Mac, and online. However, the automation skills taught in the masters lessons require a fairly modern version of Excel for Windows that includes Power Query and Power Pivot.

Is it hard to cancel the subscription?

It is easy to cancel. Just login and click Administration > Manage Subscription. You don't need to call anyone. It's all good.

Will I forget about the subscription (and forget to cancel)?

You won't forget that you have a subscription because I will be present in your email inbox delivering weekly Excel articles. So, no ... you won't forget about me, or Excel University, or your subscription.

How much time will it take?

Given that students arrive with different experience levels and goals, it is hard to say for sure. Some students want to watch all videos, complete all exercises, all extra credit exercises, read all text, review all of the additional resources, complete all puzzles and gamification elements, and so on. Whereas some students simply want to watch the videos. I've designed the program so that you can choose your own adventure. You can work through the material as fast or slow as you'd like ... at YOUR own desired pace. It is really up to you.

Can't I just figure all of this out on my own?

Well ... maybe ... but that will take way to long. As Steve Jobs said, Time is our most precious resource. My training program is designed to help you learn Excel in the most efficient and effective possible way.