Before you cancel...

Wait! Are you canceling because you feel like you don't have time to train? If you cancel, you won't be able to learn the skills you need in order to save time! In other words, you don't need more time in order to train ... you need to train to have more time.

Here are a few items to note before you cancel.

  • If you are on a monthly subscription and would like to stop it for a period of time, consider pausing the subscription instead. This keeps your progress and automatically resumes at the end of the pause period. You can activate your one-time courtesy pause by clicking the Pause Subscription link in the LMS.
  • By pausing a monthly subscription instead of canceling it, you'll lock in your current monthly rate.
  • If your monthly subscription is currently paused, please contact us to cancel for you.
  • You can also downgrade your plan to a Study Pass. Here is a comparison of our Training Passes. To switch to a Study Pass, go back to the LMS and click the Switch to Study Pass link.

If you are sure you want to cancel, click the Continue button below and then click Cancel Subscription on the following page.

Note: this page only works when you click the link from the LMS. So if you don't see a green Continue button, just head into the LMS and navigate to Administration > Cancel Subscription. Thanks!

Don't stop now ... continue training! Listen to what is possible when you continue your Excel University training.