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Excel: 3 Simple Ways to Improve Reliability




Option 1: Get Certified!
Become a Certified Excel University Graduate with the Excel University Graduate Certification program (which covers an abridged version of Volumes 1-4).

  • Earn 40 CPE credits (incrementally as you complete each of 4 exams)
  • Standard Price: $687 (before discount)


Option 2: Get Started!
Get started with Excel University Volumes 1 & 2.

  • Earn 20 CPE credits (9 at the end of V1 and 11 at the end of V2)
  • Standard Price: $249 (before discount)



  • Enrollment period is one year, per NASBA CPE standards.
  • Use the voucher code provided during the webinar to receive webinar discount.
  • Offer expires. Discount guaranteed only for 1 week after webinar.